It Was Like Being There Again

There are 2323 of them – pictures.  Son Micah said, “Take lots of pictures, Dad.”  I did.  I now have four folders (on the computer): New Zealand – North Island; New Zealand – South Island; Australia – Snowy Mountain Ride; and Australia – Travels.

It is now beginning to sink in just how spectacular the trip was.  The vistas were more than I could apprehend.  Seeing them in the pictures brings it all back.  In fact, now that I am safe and relaxed, I can appreciate the beauty even more fully.  There were times when my apprehensions diminished my capacity to really soak in the beauty (I was busy being soaked by the rain driven by the wind, or a cantankerous horse, or ocean swells). 

The pictures are two dimensional, my memory is not.  There were sounds and sensations, perceptions of depth and distance, thoughts and feelings, barely perceptible shades of color, sometimes fear mixed with fascination.  There was the place each experience had in the quest for self-discovery and resurrection to a new life.  The pictures are windows into those experiences.  The resulting slide show in each folder is pretty boring to anyone but me.  Just how many waterfalls and cloud covered mountains can be tolerated in one sitting? 

The largest folder of pictures is the South Island of New Zealand folder, containing the images from both hikes (four days each), as well as the days before and after the hikes as I drove from place to place.  That slide show by itself runs about an hour and a half, even when moving through it pretty quickly.   (Maybe not quite that long but not far from it.)  The other three folders are each a manageable size. 

My aging brain will force me to read my own blog posts written during the trip to be able to remember some of the details, especially the names of the people I met. 

As I reflect on the last two months, some of the impact of the trip is becoming clearer.  My world view has changed, that was apparent early on in the trip.  My understanding of who I am has been impacted dramatically by traveling alone.   I have been able to name a “thorn in the flesh” that travels with me on my journey through life.  My capacity to experience beauty has expanded and lost any boundaries.  I suspect this is only the beginning of the discoveries and the insights that are to come.  My life has already been enriched beyond measure.

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1 Response to It Was Like Being There Again

  1. Ed Arle says:

    Pete, your writings are touching me deeply. Knowing both you and Mary Ann so many years ago have brought the memories back. Thanne W filled in some of the story. My heart goes out to you. Ed Arle

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