The Lost is Found

Well, no one was actually lost.  I met a couple in the airport in Sydney as we waited for a plane.  They were most interesting to talk with. It was one of those very meaningful connections made in not much more than a matter of minutes.  We had enough
time to get past the surface questions.  They are from Los Angeles.  She is an actor who often done voice-overs in addition to traditional acting.  He is a writer (teacher and speaker) and also does some acting.

Their roots are in Christian drama.  In years past touring groups such as the ones they were in had come to the various parishes I served.  These two folks are vivacious and enthusiastic about what they are doing.  They are able to see past the surface issues in film, drama and the arts to the great potential for finding ways to relate to core faith issues through them.  Rather than fearing and condemning, they are able to embrace the arts
and find avenues of interpretation that nurture understanding.

As I recall our discussion, we found common ground in engaging rather than separating from the world around us, recognizing that it is God who made and sustains all of it.  The division between the sacred and the secular is an arbitrary divide that has most to do with our need to separate.  The two are actually one interwoven reality that comes from the same Source.  I don’t remember if we used those exact words, but they reflect in general terms my memory of the conversation.

The lost is found because while I was quite taken with them, I could find no contact
information in what I brought back from my trip.  Just two days ago Catherine commented on a blog post, allowing me to send an email to her and Sean.  What a treat!

In about a twenty-four hour span two days ago, I received replies from Derek and Gerry (whom I met at the Sydney Opera House) about meeting me when I am in London, from
Pastor Gabor with an update on the family with whom I stayed in Canberra, from Matt from Australia who was on the Milford Walk in New Zealand with me, in addition to the contact from Catherine and Sean.  Ngaire just emailed a report on how things are going at the Uni (NZ for University).   They are going very well.

When I left on the trip to New Zealand I was anticipating that the trip would be about the people at least as much as anything else. I was right about that.  Maybe it
was a self-fulfilling prophecy.  I certainly was not shy about talking with strangers. The experiences on the Hikes and the Horseback ride and on the Barrier Reef were defining moments my life.  Connecting with the people, including all those I have mentioned in the last few posts plus the Magnificent Five, Wayne, Peter, Murray, Ken and Peter (and others on the horse trek), brought me the most joy as I traveled.  That joy continues.

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