Being Taken to Secluded Cabin in Vermont!

I am writing this from Syracuse, New York.  This morning I was in Louisville, Kentucky.
Yesterday morning I was in Valparaiso, Indiana.  Two days before that I was in downtown Chicago, after spending a week in Aurora, Illinois.  Tomorrow I will arrive at the secluded cabin on a lake, stashed far awayfrom civilization (okay, that is an exaggeration but not far from the truth).

I left Kansas and had a great time at my 50th high school class reunion.  That was a wonderful series of gatherings about which I have written.  I have spent time with some of Mary Ann’s family and friends in three different gatherings.  We had a reunion of the five
siblings in my family in addition to some of their children and Spouses.  Then came Cirque du Soleil.  What a magnificent spectacle!  Next was a couple of nights’ stay with
friends who provided me with the information I need to decide whether or not to
try to write some sort of book and try to get it published.  Now I am on my way to Vermont.

Yesterday morning, I had no idea I would be doing this.  Have I gone nuts???  I used to be rather measured in making decisions.  What on earth has happened??  My Daughter Lisa
was invited by friends to a cabin in New Hampshire.  Her husband Denis could not go due to work constraints.  I was on my way to visit them in Louisville.  I was invited to join them for the trip to the cabin.  Lisa and the Girls, plus Krista and the Boys, plus their 12 year old
Cousin are in one car and I am in my van.  Lisa joined me in the van for part of the way.  The boys Dad will be joining us at the cabin in a couple of days.

We have been driving for many hours and I am very tired.  In future posts I hope to expand on the time with my Siblings, including a dramatic event in the life of one of my Sisters, an event that is still in process.  I will include more on the status of the idea of writing a book of some sort.  I need to try to write about the Cirque du Soleil performance.

This post is intended to update blog readers on what has been happening these days that have not provided time to write.  I will be without Internet service for part of the time I am at the cabin, but will be back as soon as I can.

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