One Beer – One Liter – Oa Maß

The Schweinebraten One Beer – One Liter – Oa Maß (roast pork) with a Kartoffelknödl (potato dumpling) tasted wonderful, and the beer was spectacular, the whole liter of it, as we sat in the Schottenhamel beer garden area.  Verena added the Oa Maß to the title of this post since that is what to say when ordering a liter of beer at Oktoberfest.  After a
Bockwurst  (sausage) later in the day, I finished with some gebrannte Paranüsse (honey roasted Brazil nuts).

Today, Verena and her best friend Kristine took Micah and me to Oktoberfest.  We had Bavarian hats on our heads and Verena and Kristine wore Dirndls.  Gratefully, I had no Lederhosen to wear.  It would not have been a pretty sight.

There were thousands of people streaming between the huge tents and the food booths.  The sounds in the tents (many hundreds of people sitting and long tables) were oompah bands, loudly talking people, groups singing drinking songs and lots of clinking together of glass steins.  Oktoberfest has to be one of the world’s largest carnivals with rides filled with people flying this way and that.

We have been traveling by train/subway all over Munich.  It is a whole lot easier to get around on public transportation when there is someone who knows the schedules and the stops showing us the way.

Yesterday Verena took us on a walking tour of the downtown area of the city, which has a very comfortable and welcoming feel to it.  There are a cluster of streets that have only foot traffic on them.  We visited an open market area with every sort of food available.  I was excited to see a whole booth full of dozens of different kinds of olives.  I couldn’t resist and ended up carrying around for the rest of the day a bag with four Ziploc bags of olives.

We climbed 306 wooden stairs to a tower overlooking the city.  Unfortunately the name of the building was Alter Peter – Aged Peter.  Needless to say, Micah suggested a picture with me standing next to the name plate.

Verena’s sister, Silvi, joined us for the evening.  We walked by the University that Verena and Kristine, are attending (Law School).  After that we ate at an Italian restaurant and had some really tasty thin crusted pizzas.   Micah and I enjoyed the conversation.  Somehow, we managed to ask questions and make observations that instigated animated
discussions between the two Sisters as they moved rapidly from English to German, back to English and then to German again.  We spent a long time talking at the restaurant, took the train/subway back to the house and continued the entertaining conversation there.  Their Mother, Brigitta, joined the conversation and we talked until we all were worn
out from the long day.

This morning Verena drove to a nearby picturesque lake with the German Alps in view off in the distance beyond the other side of the lake.   The lake water was clear, the sun was shining brightly, flowers were in bloom, a few swans were gliding around near the edge
of the water, people were taking slow walks on the brick sidewalk that stretched along a section of the shore.

I tried to write a post last night, but it was not long after I began at the computer that
Micah noticed I was not moving.  I had fallen asleep in the chair.  Tonight after Verena helped me book the train to Berlin on Saturday, I decided to start writing while we were all sitting together on the sectional sofa in the living room.   It was sort of comical to see the
four of us there each on his/her respective electronic device (two laptops, an iPhone and an iPod).   At one time we were commenting on each other’s Facebook posts.  It is an odd world in which we are living.

Verena, Silvi and Brigitta have been so very kind and gracious to us.  Along with Kristine, they have all revealed themselves to be self-sufficient and intelligent and caring.  They have been doing everything in their power to provide us with an exceptional experience here.  They have succeeded!  I have been impressed again and again with what good and thoughtful people they are.

Our time in Munich is providing more new experiences, sights and sounds that have been
filling our memories with moments to savor and relationships to cherish in days and weeks and years to come.

Ein Prosit, ein Prosit, Der Gemütlichkeit.  Ein Prosit, ein Prosit, Der Gemütlichkeit. Translation: A toast, A toast, To happiness.  (To be sung along with large quantities of beer.)

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2 Responses to One Beer – One Liter – Oa Maß

  1. John Kissling says:

    Sounds like sooooo much fun. Wish you the best.

  2. Dan Feldscher says:

    Ruth and I were in Munich just about a year ago, but only for one evening. Our tour group did walk from our hotel into the heart of the city, and it is a beautiful city. We didn’t get to the “tent city” but had a delicious meal in the Hofbrau Haus. — Dan Feldscher

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