Good Day Today – Nightmare Tomorrow!

I rode the Tram yesterday and again today for at least four trips on my own.  That was not much of an accomplishment since each time it has been essentially the same run with minor adjustments.

Fred met me at the Alexander Platz station.  We first went to a new Art Museum that has a collection that rivals the British Gallery we visited in London.  We stood in front of some very early 13th and 14th century paintings with colors so bright and dramatic it seemed impossible that they had been painted so long ago.  There were original Rembrandts to see as well as many others. We were both pretty animated in our responses to the paintings.  It was an exciting hour or so.  We had to move fairly quickly through the gallery so that we wouldn’t miss the train to our next stop.

We rode the train for less than an hour (I think – didn’t time it).  We got off and walked along a street until we arrived at the spot where Luther burned a Papal Bull condemning him.  A few blocks later we were at his house.  We walked around the buildings before taking a break to have some lunch.  We each had a Turkish Doner.   It was very large and very tasty.  Franzi and Martha had said that I should try some Turkish food while I was in Berlin.  I am glad Fred suggested it.

Then we went through the Luther Museum located in the building in which he lived.  It was quite an experience to see so much preserved and in such good condition.  The writings that energized the Reformers were there by the volumes.  Seeing Luther’s place and belongings so accessible fed the new sense of history that has been emerging in me the last few decades.  The space between us and almost any point in history is much smaller than I thought when I was in school.  Paintings that were painted 500 years ago, temples
that were built millennia before that, books that were written centuries ago, all were done in the present time.  It was just a slice of the present that happened to occur before the moment we happen to be in now.   It is the same stream of time.

Fred was great company.  He is really a good guy, but don’t tell anyone.  It would ruin his
reputation.  He is great fun to be around and has endless great stories to tell.  Cindy is a remarkable person, with unmatched gifts in the area of translating technical material into German.

Speaking of time, tomorrow promises to be a day to forget.  I will arise some time shortly after 4am.  After doing all that needs to be done to get ready to leave and check out, I will use a cab to get to the airport.  The plane leaves at 7:30am.  The first stop is London Heathrow.  There I will have 90 minutes, the absolute least amount of time allowed between flights, to get off the plane, travel on a bus from Terminal 1 to Terminal 4, have the hand baggage checked, get through security, stop at the airline desk (boarding pass?), then get to the gate.

The next stop will be in Newark.  That layover will be 7.5 hours.  I am not looking
forward to that, but at least there will be plenty of time to get from one plane to the other.  The final leg will put me in the Kansas City Airport at 10:41pm.  By then I will have been up for 25 hours.  Since the last shuttle to get from KCI to home will have left by then, I will doze in the airport until the first shuttle leaves in the morning – should have no problem dozing off after being up so long.

Speaking of dozing off – I just did.  I guess it is time to get a few hours of sleep before the long day begins.

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