Men Have Boxes, Women Have Wires.

This is a popular You Tube video by a comedian who is describing in a funny way what apparently some studies suggest is so about people’s brains, that women are wired for multitasking and men are not.  By the way when someone said that in a meeting once, I responded that men do one thing at a time and do it right.  The subsequent laughter from all of us was very revealing.  Here is the video:

There is also a book and a program for couples called: Men Are Like Waffles; Women Are Like Spaghetti.  While it is obvious that men and women are different, I always balk at making observations that make categorical claims about the differences between men and women.  I won’t argue with brain science and the results of well-constructed studies.  I will however observe that there are creative and intuitive thinkers in both genders and people who think in more concrete carefully defined ways (one thing at a time) in both genders.

The reason that these descriptors for human thinking came to mind is that I am trying to move through a time of transition, procrastination and self-discovery concerning how to proceed as I respond to the Call to Live.  So many things have been happening lately, the tragic accident (referenced in the last few posts) raising very fundamental questions, a momentary return to a number of tasks that were part of a former life, reassessing fiscal realities, getting counsel from friends who are writers.

It has been 20 months since Mary Ann’s death.  Elements of grieving will continue for the rest of my life.  I am always reassessing the balance between unhealthy avoidance of the feelings and unhealthy embracing of them.  Since life as I am now experiencing it brings with it times of sadness and times of great joy, I feel good about the way the journey is going.  I feel very much alive.  I am not dreading another Valentine’s Day.  It is a wonderful time for couples to celebrate their relationships.  Of course such a day feels differently to those of us who don’t come as a couple.

With all those thoughts either sitting next to one another in little boxes or rubbing up against one another in tangled wires, I am trying to sort through them so that I can move ahead with the writing project.  The counsel from a very successful Writer friend is to focus on the writing project and give it full attention.  That will mean declining to take on other projects.  He did suggest books for me to read during the time that I am writing.  His position is that to write demands being fueled by reading.

The usual demands of life will continue, the need for social interaction, experiencing music and the arts will continue.  There is an annoying glitch with the Internet that still has to be addressed.  The two blogs that I have spent three years writing must be read – all before there will be any words entered in the word processor.   The past couple of weeks have been full of many things.  There is a trip to Kentucky to visit Lisa, Denis and the girls, Abigail and Ashlyn.  Feelings of urgency are building to get started on the project.  It is my hope that the tipping point comes soon.

Life is calling.

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3 Responses to Men Have Boxes, Women Have Wires.

  1. Jim Janousek says:

    Pr. Pete

    I’m sending you a website called and it may be something useful to you as you pursue your writing muse.

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