Falsely Accused!

Aging brings with it all sorts of signs.  We can fight it or accept it.  Which choice we make has absolutely no effect on whether or not we continue to age.  I have decided to embrace the changes as they come.  My beard has turned white except for one small spot (no idea why).  My hair decided to remain brown rather than participate in the change.  I have been thrilled that in the last year the white has started creeping up into the brown.  It has been alleged at various times that I have resorted to coloring the hair on the top of my head.  Falsely accused!! I am innocent.

The only time pigment has been applied to any part of my head was September of 1967.  It was a Saturday afternoon.  The next day would be my first time participating in leading worship at the congregation at which I spent my year of Internship (Vicarage).  Mary Ann trimmed my hair.  The clippers slipped and she cut a wedge right to the skin just above an ear.  The solution involved using one of her eyebrow pencils to fill in the spot so that it would not be so noticeable.  My Mother lived to be 97 and still had brown hair with a few gray ones mixed in.

I have concluded that every white hair in my beard and every wrinkle on my face have been won at great cost.  They are trophies!  I have never longed to return to a younger age.  Every age brings with it some new perception of reality, a new perspective on life.  It seems to me that making friends with each new time in life is far preferable to wasting time doing battle with it.

Accepting the inevitability of aging does not demand relinquishing health, vitality and intellectual curiosity.  Aging does not demand retreating to exclusively homogenous social interactions.  When I was young, I enjoyed spending time with people who had lived a long time, listening to their stories.  Now that I am old, I still enjoy the stories of those much older than I.  At the same time I thoroughly enjoy engaging the young in conversation.

While it is certainly pleasing when someone acts surprised on discovering my age, I do not long to be younger, nor do I want to try to fool people into thinking I am younger.  There are lots of healthy, vibrant people much older than I for whom the age of 69 sounds quite young.  I am just a young whippersnapper (whatever that means), still wet behind the ears with a whole lot yet to learn.

No, I do not nor have I ever colored my hair!

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6 Responses to Falsely Accused!

  1. Melba says:

    I did not tell the kids I work with my age and changed to darker wigs so I would not look so very old to the so very young. When asked to tell each group some things about myself, I told them they could see I was not young and while I did not mind being my age that all I would tell them was that I am younger than God but older than younger than dirt. Most of them go to a Catholic school and they sat there for a bit and told me that they did not understand……I told them to think about it…..that it did indeed mean that I was old but I felt young at heart. One by one they began to get it and loved my answer and now when we get someone new that is the first story they share about me. They all know I wear wigs, false nails and 90% of my jewelry is fale. I told them it is all about “smoke and mirrows. Love working with kids.

  2. Steve S says:

    Peter – Is this one of the Treamin relatives from the “Old Country”? http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/16291.Peter_Tremayne

  3. Steve S says:

    (I really should watch the screen whin I’m typing) – – -Tremain

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