Pasta and Water – $211.15

It was good but not that good.  I had to pee, so I left the table at the restaurant to satisfy that need.  When I returned, the check was in its black vinyl folder sitting at my place.  Bill was the culprit.  We had kidded about the person at the end of the table getting the check when I first sat down with the dozen people from a couple of Hospice groups.  They have turned into a rowdy bunch – rowdy enough that as we were leaving two women who had been seated next to our table had asked to be moved.  That was Monday evening.

The Friday before, I attended a performance by a dance group at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City.  The dancers interpreted some beautiful classical music played by a small ensemble.  It was well done, matching movement to music.  I was not overwhelmed but enjoyed it.

Saturday I was back at the Kauffman for the KC Symphony and was completely overwhelmed.  The Composer of the first piece was there for the pre-concert information session.  The piece was generated by four paintings.  The result was breathtaking.  Next was a Violin Concerto by Tchaikovsky.   Vadim Gluzman, a Russian from Israel, who has played dozens of venues all over the world declared the Helzberg Hall at the Kauffman to provide the best acoustics he has ever encountered.  Then he shared something that was mind-blowing to me.  The Stradivarius violin he would play that evening was the very same violin on which that Concerto was played the first time it was performed in 1878 right after Tchaikovsky composed it.   The violin was made near the end of the 1600’s.  The last piece was the very popular Pictures at an Exhibition by Mussorgsky.  I went home and signed up for the rest of the Symphony’s season.

Sunday afternoon was another of the PT’s Culture Club trips into Kansas City, again to the Nelson Gallery.  There was an exhibit of Native American art and historical pieces.  We watch a very talented young man do a hoop dance, finally having 17 hoops on his arms and legs creating various images in the process.

One of the Staff from PT’s has a weekly gathering at his apartment at which he provides some gourmet specialty, while the rest bring wine or snacks or side dishes.  Host Ozzie should be the chef of a specialty restaurant offering only gourmet recipes.  I was invited and while self-conscious about my couple of decades on the next oldest there, found it to be a great evening.  The conversation was intellectually stimulating, and the people there were to a person, of good character, engaging and thoughtful.  I was honored to be included.  I have known a couple of them for many years since they grew up in the congregation I served before retiring.

Former Parishioners and very good friends to Mary Ann and me over the years invited me over for an evening meal, always a feast (another one of Don’s newly created recipes).  As usual their sense of humor complemented the fare making it an especially enjoyable time.

I have had the treat of returning to Cornwall without leaving the house!  When in Cornwall, my Daughter Lisa wanted to see the village of Port Isaac.  It was my first day driving in Cornwall, already a frightening experience for all of us.  Port Isaac is tiny in every way, especially the streets.  We almost ended up hopelessly trapped at the end of a street unable to turn around.  There was not a single parking place in the village.  The reason, it is the setting for the television series, Doc Martin.  People flock there just to see the small picturesque fishing village.

A few days ago, I discovered two things, Hulu and Doc Martin.  The opening scenes and the first episode took me back to a similar fishing village in Cornwall, Polperro.  Lisa, Micah and I ate our first meal there in a quaint restaurant in Polperro (some patrons had their dogs lying under their tables as they ate).  We walked around the one lane streets for quite a while.  Then the next day we drove to Looe, hiked five miles along the bluffs overlooking the ocean, walked around Polperro again and then took a small boat (bounced on the waves for 20 minutes) back to Looe to pick up the car.  It was an indescribably beautiful experience and now I want to go back!!

If going back is not in the cards, at least in the near term, at least I can finish this and log on to Hulu to watch the next episode of Doc Martin.

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