Feeling good, walking fast, making plans for 2018

[Pete’s son, Micah, posting in dad’s place. Apparently he’s off on some trip somewhere…]

Dad’s text messages over the last few days have been notably positive and introspective. From Sunday:

“In Rabanal, an especially good day of walking without pain and very fast still with ibuprofen. Walked with Mikko from Finland and talked about music especially a festival of choirs in Estonia in 2018. I want to go if I am still healthy then.”

I reminded him that he’ll be a spry 75 years old in 2018 – no reason to put limits on his travel for that!

Monday was arrival at Cruce de Ferro. Be sure to take a few minutes to read about the spot, if you have the chance – a quick Google search will deliver many pictures and a wealth of info. From Monday:

“At Cruce de Ferro. Spent an hour. Placed stones, thought about and prayed for lots of you. Important time. Much thought about mom.”

And later Monday:

“Much climbing today but felt very strong and went very fast. Long day of walking ending with the most beautiful evening sunset. In Riego de Ambros at a beautiful Casa. Very long and difficult rocky road that was steep going down. Was still the best day so far.”

Great to hear that dad’s having a self-described “best day so far” almost 600km into his trip.

And in case you missed it, be sure to check out the small album of photos on his facebook page!


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1 Response to Feeling good, walking fast, making plans for 2018

  1. Denis says:

    Hi Peter, great to hear you are feeling better. You are in better physical condition than me. I played light basketball for just an hour or so and my left knee is swollen!

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