Only 2 Days Left on the Camino

[Pete’s son, Micah, posting in dad’s stead. Hang in there, he’s almost back to posting for himself ;)]

I’m surprised how quickly dad’s walk has seemed to go by, since he’s well into Week 6 on the Camino (having started walking on Sept 9). However, his body is reminding him just how many steps it’s taken over the last 700km. From today:

“Arrived in Arzua at 9pm tonight. Two long days of walking in rain with lots of up and down. Blisters returned and very painful muscles and bones in right foot joined the party. At lunch I thought I would not be able to continue because of the foot. I was going to call a taxi at noon but I started walking up hill and I was [able to] walk uphill with fairly little pain. Then I walked for a while with a 60 yr old who said we were walking 5 kilometers an hour so I guess I was doing okay. One way or another I plan to walk the next two days.”

So, he’s less than 40km from the end of the pilgrimage, which will take just 2 more days. He’s lamented several times about the walk ending, for all of its challenges, because he’ll miss his Camino family. I have no doubt he’s made many lifelong friends through this shared experience.

Good news, though – he may yet get a chance to come back with a few companions from his adventure. From this afternoon:

“…the other 3 [he’s been traveling with primarily] have had unpleasant encounters with bedbugs. So far I have been spared.”

The kid in me was wondering if dad would bring me a souvenir, but the thought of a bedbug-ridden shirt that says, “My dad walked the Camino and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!” has me wishing for a refrigerator magnet of Spain, instead…

Look for posts soon from dad once he settles in after the walk!



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