I Will Never Wear Them Again!

We decided that we could not even have our shoes in the room with us they are so awful.  The moisture has been in them long enough that a moldy scent has been added to the already obnoxious aroma.  It was really entertaining when we asked hotel reception if we could put them in an area that is enclosed but extends to the top of the six story building.  The first spot we put them was not quite what she had in mind.  She walked us down five flights of stairs to a sub-basement that has an area behind a fire door.  That is where we left them.  If I manage to get to Finesterra, I may burn them with the other Pilgrims´ items being destroyed.

We asked for the location of the nearest shoe store.  I wore the deck shoes that I brought for evenings to the store and I am the proud owner of a new pair of casual shoes.  They are a couple of sizes bigger than the ones they are replacing since my right foot is too swollen to fit into my normal size.  It is much easier to walk in the new shoes.  I will never again put the Camino shoes on my feet!

Estella met us for lunch today and went shopping for clothes while Dragan and I joined a couple that they met before I connected with them.  We have run into them a few times since then and have enjoyed getting to know them.  They refer to themselves as hippies (four to eight years younger than I).  We really had a great conversation.  I had my first drink of Scotch in Spain.

We ate a traditional Galician seafood and noodle soup for lunch.  Estella encouraged us to do it.  The shellfish and crab in the shell were a challenge to eat.  My food experience has expanded dramatically this trip.  I did part of my souvenir shopping also today.

It was good to give this worn out body a rest today.  While it would have been better to do no walking and elevate my feet, this is too special a time in Santiago to sit in a hotel room.  Plans for the next few days are still in the works.  Estella is staying with relatives here, but she will be joining us for much of the day tomorrow.  We continue to meet people we have met at earlier times.  I never tire of those encounters.

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1 Response to I Will Never Wear Them Again!

  1. jjanousek says:

    Had a nice scotch last night in celebration of you and your determination.

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