I Lied!

I wore them today, the shoes, the ones that were relegated to the furnace room.  I said I would never wear them again.  They dried and ceased stinking.  I needed them for the 7 km round trip from the city of Fisterra to the lighthouse at Finesterra, the last stop for many Pilgrims after Santiago.  Torrential rain and storms were predicted, but since it was raining very hard in Santiago.  We thought we might as well give it a try.  

We are so glad we did!  The weather was perfect, contrary to the predictions of the weather forecasting agencies.  There was sun, a warm wind (it is always very windy there at the ocean), spectacular clouds and time to sit on the rocks and think about the Camino in silence.  It was one of the two most spiritual and nurturing times on the walk.  Sitting for an hour at what has been known for centuries as the end of the world is quite an experience.  I made the climb down a challenging decline of rocks and shrubs to a spot not too far from the very edge of the land at the sea.  I found a rock and sat on it as the thoughts began racing through my head.  Lots of things started coming together.  God and I had much to talk about.  By this time I was finally listening.  

Some core issues surfaced and became clearer.  At this point, I will only say that I am very grateful for the life I have been given these 70 years.  Coincidentally, before I left Friend Kathy had given me an image of an angel with the word gratitude on the back.  There have been completely undeserved blessings at every turn, sometimes couched in painful and very difficult circumstances, but still blessings.  I admitted to myself that there have been moments of courage pèaking through my fears.  I am my own worst critic.  There are insights from the dynamics of the relationships on this walk that have been eye opening.  I have seen myself at my best and at my worst – grateful for the former and embarrassed by the latter.  By the way, Kathy also gave me an image of an angel with the word “healing” on the back. I gave it to one of my very favorite people on the Camino.  

This afternoon we were able to connect with one of our favorite people, John, the EMT and Firefighter.  He is Dragan´s size. He has a little stuffed toy that is in a picture taken at every stop.  The toy belongs to his 8 year old son.  You can understand why all of us like him so much.  We haven´t crossed paths very often, but every time has been a good time.  The three of us who have been together the longest (around 5 weeks, 24 hours per day) spent the evening tonight at dinner reflecting on our time together.  The two of them each shared gifts with the other two.  Thoughtless person that I am I had only words to share (I have many to give).  I want to give much thought to what I ultimately give them (and Estella, who had to leave for home yesterday).  

Tomorrow is a day for visiting the Cathedral again in Santiago.  Maybe we will see more of the friends we made along the way.  John and some of his friends plan to join us for dinner.  Thursday I fly to Barcelona. My Spanish Teacher from Lawrence who has moved back to Barcelona with her husband will make sure I see the sights there before flying back to the USA on Sunday.  

My head is spinning from everything that has gone on in the last two months.  At least these 60 days, I have chosen life.  What a life it has been!

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1 Response to I Lied!

  1. jjanousek says:

    I had a feeling that those shoes would finish the trip.
    “Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.” Psalm 16:11

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