Mary Ann Celebrated in Germany Today

I love it!  I sent pictures of Mary and to Tanja and Dragan today.  Tanja had asked about her often on the journey and Dragan was a part of many of those conversations.  She said she would like to see a picture of her. I had none.  Today I sent pictures.  Later in the day she sent me an email thanking me for the pictures.  She added, “I am so happy to see them now and to have a face to the stories.” Then she said that she met with her friends for dinner and told them about Mary Ann and me and the travels in Spain.  She showed them the pictures so that they would know who she was talking about. 

It warms my heart to realize that Mary Ann and our life together have been celebrated in a place so far from here with people we never met.  I also sent a picture of our Children and Grandchildren.  Tanja said it was fun to see that also.  She had the feeling that she has known them for a long time since I also talked about them so often.  I suspect it is apparent from this why we were able to be together for so much of the Camino.  Dragan and Tanja are good people.  I can only hope that the time together was as helpful to them as it was to me.  They have assured me that it was.

Got a nice phone call from my brother Dave tonight asking me how I am doing and congratulating me on completing the Camino.  He admitted that he was a little concerned for my well-being along the way.  I enjoyed telling him a bit about the walk.  I had a chance this morning to tell some of the stories at the Spiritual Formation group.  The re-entry is continuing.  Tomorrow morning I will go to Hair It Is for a much needed shearing.  Then I tomorrow evening I will return to concert mode and head to Kansas City to hear Jordi Savall and his instrumental ensemble do some very unusual music.  I saw and heard the group at the Boston Early Music Festival last summer.  I am very much looking forward to this concert.  Life is returning to my version of normal.

I am wondering what will be different about my life now that I have completed the Camino.  I have some thoughts about it, but time will tell.  On one of our last days we agreed to do a task on November 1st.  One dimension of the task is to make a list of actions to take as we proceed with our post-Camino lives.  I am not sure if we will all remember to make the list, but I began to work on it while sitting in one of the airports on the way back here.  The goal is to separate out the things over which we have no control and the things we can actually do.  The hope is not to waste time and energy on things we don’t have the power to change and instead spend time on tasks we can accomplish.  It sounds simple, but it is not.

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1 Response to Mary Ann Celebrated in Germany Today

  1. Pete – what an accomplishment…. I am happy to get my treadmill time in as often as I can. I do hope that you will find the time some day to write that book about your journey with Mary Ann. You have enough material now to write a sequel. You have such a gift that I hope you will share your stories in a book some day…….. Glad you are home safely…….. this one made me cry.

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