Another Adventure??

Karl and I just observed the benefit of staying in shared space.  Birgit is from Berlin and there she sings in a choir.  She came to Budapest to sing in a 1000 member sing-along choir singing with the orchestra here, performing music including Mozart’s Requiem.  The performance was a few days ago, so I only got to hear about it.  The next time this sing-along will happen is two years from now.  I see plans germinating and beginning to sprout.   Just as an aside, she and her husband traveled the Camino in 2001 but by care not on foot.  The conversation about this happened at breakfast.  Karl got the info from the flyer and emailed it to me with his iPhone.  I guess I need to get one of those technological wonders.

On the Camino I walked with Mikka from Denmark for a while.  He told me about the choir festival in Talinn, Estonia that will be happening again next April (2015).  I hope to get there.  Now the spring of 2016 is beginning to take shape.  Here is the link to information on the sing-along:  Birgit goes to Talinn every year.  At the end of the table there were two men from Korea.  One had also been to Talinn (at least to the city if not the festival) and the other I kidded about coming to the sing-along in 2016 and meeting there.  It will be held in Vienna, Austria.  People come from all over the world come together to sing in this choir.  Anyone can participate – so even a 73 (by then) year old singer far past his prime can sing along.

That is all for now.  I just finished breakfast here at the hostel and was too excited to wait until later in the day to write and post this.

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