Existence is a gift.  Life is a choice.  When I retired, I left behind a career of some forty years to take care of my wife Mary Ann full time.  She deserved and got my full attention 24/7 for almost two years when finally her life here with me ended.  When I saw the moment she left, I realized the power of life. Being alive is not to be taken for granted.  The mass of a person’s body is not changed so much as a fraction of an ounce when death comes, but there is a change of great magnitude.  Something of immeasurable value has left.   My spirituality provides the assurance that her life has not been snuffed out for all time but instead has found home.  Nonetheless, she is gone from here.  She has died.  It dawned on me one day, that I have not died.  I am alive.  I have that something of immeasurable value.  I am alive.  I choose not simply to exist, the wonderful gift that it is.  I choose to live.  The posts on this blog are the account of the way that choice unfolds.  My goal is to seek life in all its fullness, whatever it may bring.  I am a baby discovering a new world, a teenager venturing out on his own, an old man seeking to live fully and meaningfully, savoring every moment as it comes.

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  1. Diana says:

    Inspiring Uncle Pete. I’ve been choosing not to live. I pray for the strength to change that.

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