There’s No Turning Back Now

I have just purchased a plane ticket from Kansas City to Shannon in Ireland leaving the end of August.  The return trip will leave from Berlin, Germany near then end of September.

The plan is to spend a few days in Ireland, figure out how to get to Scotland, and then
spend a few days there.  At the moment, I have no idea where I will be staying or what I will see.

After Scotland comes London.  There are a few things emerging for the stay there.
Daughter Lisa and Son Micah will join me in London around the 10th of September.

After a few more days in London, we will fly to Newquay in Cornwall to spend a few
days.  Then fly back to London.

From London, Lisa will fly to Madrid to meet Husband Denis for some time vacationing
together in Spain.  Micah and I will fly to Munich to spend a few days with Verena and her family, ending with a day at Oktoberfest.  From there Micah will head back home.

I will get some sort of transportation to Berlin where I will visit with Marta and Franzi
with whom I walked on one of the hikes in New Zealand.  Then I intend to take a couple of days to do some searching for my Mother’s birthplace in what is now Poland.

After that I will return to Berlin and fly back to Kansas City.

There are lots of details to be worked out, but at least now we have the skeleton of the
trip firmly in place.   Now we can add flesh to the bones.

The adventure goes on!


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2 Responses to There’s No Turning Back Now

  1. Dan Feldscher says:

    Pete, I’m really jealous! I’ve never been to Ireland or the UK (though I certainly hope to get there some day), but Ruth and I were in Germany last Sept. and really loved it. We, too, attended Oktoberfest on our last night befre flying back to the states.
    If you donj’t mind some suggestions: If you’re in Munich, I would urge you to go over the border to Salzburg, the city of Mozart & the Sound of Music. I really enjoyed it and wished we could have spent more than a couple days in the area. If you’re looking for a great B & B just outside Salzburg, let me know.
    Also while you’re in Bavaria, don’t miss Neuschwanstein. Oberammergau is worth seeing, too, even though there won’t be a Passon Pay this year. Heading north, stop at Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a medieval walled city. It was one of our favorite stops. Near by is a smaller walled city named Dinkelsbuhl which is also interesting.
    If you see only one Luther site, don’t miss Wittenburg, which isn’t far south of Berlin. I also enjoyed the Wartburg. If you have any questions, give me a call or send me an e-mail (
    Tomorrow I officially retire at about 4:45 when the new guy (fresh from our old alm mater) is installed. I’m looking ahead to retirement with some mixed feelings!

    God’s peace to you, and prayers for a safe and enjoyable trip. Dan Feldscher

    • PeterT says:

      Thanks for the suggestions, Dan.  Mary Ann and I got to go to Germany in 1966 with a tour of the Cantata Choir loosely connected with the Sem.  We saw Neuschwanstein (Linderhof also) and Oberammergau, but not the others — East Germany still existed and was inaccessible. 

      Congratulations on your retirement.  I understand the mixed feelings.  The transition to the new somebody you are becoming can include some painful potholes, but the destination is a whole new world. 


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